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1 April

We went to Dartford, through the park and then through this tunnel. The left one is the foot tunnel and the right one is the water tunnel. In winter when the water is high and fast, both tunnels have water going through and the gates from the park are then shut for walkers.

This is Brooklands Lakes fed by the river alongside it and it is used as a fishing amenity. This long path crosses the lake, with water on both sides.

At various places anglers have their tents and spent a lot of quiet time waiting for a fish to bite. These little stepped places are for the anglers.

There were a lot of branches that had been hauled out of the water, covered in fresh water mussels, all dried out in the sun. The river Darent runs alongside the lake, and goes into the tunnels and through Dartford Central Park.

I like bridges, I get a good view straight down into the clear water.

Brown Teddy was glad the big nettles were on the other side of the railings. Another bridge leading back to the lakes part.

We walked back into the park, where the funfair had started.

You can win toys on these stalls, either catching a ball in a net or picking up a floating duck on a hooked stick.

These are the scary rides, with lots of screaming going on.

We love to watch the Dodgems, and I like to see the sparks on the electrified wire netting on the ceiling. The cup and saucer ride is a lot more peaceful.

These are the children's rides.


2 April

In the evening we watched our video recording of the boat race between the Oxford and Cambridge University teams. The Oxford women's team got off to a bad start with trouble with the oars, so they were behind all the way, and the Cambridge team won. it was the other way round with the men's team, Oxford won and the boats stayed almost level all the way.

3 April

We went to Morden Hall Park near Wimbledon. This is our tram, and we got off at Phipps Bridge, right outside the park entrance.

Phipps Bridge is top right and we walked down and leftwards to the buildings and into the stable square marked No.1. Then we went to the right along where the rivers are.

The entrance is right next to the tram lines. We went across the big green to the other side where all the little rivers are. They are all braids of the River Wandle, where Wandsworth gets its name from.

This part of the river passes the Old Snuff Mill.

This handsome duck spent some time swimming against the flow, hoping for bread from us, but eventually decided to rest on a small rock in the water. I think this must be the boat house, it is very pretty with roses up the wall and a man was painting a picture of it.

The rose garden was full of families and children having their picnics on the grass. Further on I saw this huge old tree, I think it must be at least 20 feet round.

This is the river just behind the mill, where it is deeper and more calm.

We walked further upstream where it was very quiet, away from the picnics, and just the sounds of the birds.

Brown Teddy was glad the mud had dried out, so that we could go right up to the edge. This tree trunk crossed the path, with a low bit to step over, and another bit where we could go underneath (only teddies small enough for that). But we all decided to step over, and there is a very handy side branch sticking up to use as a handle.

This is the chalky soil underneath a huge fallen tree root. The sand martins or some similar birds have made nest holes. We had a quick look but they seemed to be old ones.

All the old logs and branches were left in piles, to rot down and provide homes for insects, which feeds the other wildlife.

These are old fashioned signs at Wimbledon Station that haven't been replaced by LED displays. "Off" means the red light is off, and so the train is free to go. We saw this game installation at Waterloo Station, where people rock the table to get the marble to hit the markers, in order to win a prize. The items on the table are London landmark buildings made up to look like food and cakes.



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